Bed Bug Treatment Sacramento Area, California

Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are small, brownish, oval insects. Adult bedbugs are flat bodied in size just like a watermelon seed. These tiny pests are not known to transmit disease but that does not limit their capabilities. They are also contributors for health risk because of their blood sucking ability where they feed of. These tiny pests are active at night and when they bite you, you would not feel the pain of the sting but you would notice it later with itchy welts in your skin. This bite attributes to excessive itching, if you are not able to control and welts.

We recommend our customers to always have an early bed bug inspection. Since this pest specie is tiny and hardly visible in size, it is hard to locate them. That is why it is better to have safety prevention and call Sacramento bed bug exterminator right away!

Our treatment technology for bed bugs infestation is of high-end bed bug device locator that uses laser light detection and skilled professional bed bug exterminators will surely bug your problem with bed bugs! 

Below are the following treatments that are certified safe for bed bug removal and control:

  • Heat Treatment. One of our safe and effective process, heat treatment increases the temperature of your house to a maximum heat level that ensures bed bug removal but not too hot for your household furniture’s and materials.

  • Steam Treatment. Almost same as heat treatment, steam treatment also uses heat but through steam. This treatment uses high-power steam that reaches 250 degrees Fahrenheit. The steam will directly kill bed bug eggs and bed bugs that comes into contact.

  • Pesticide Treatment.  This treatment utilizes the traditional way of exterminating pests that uses insecticides especially for bed bugs. As much as heat and steam treatment’s effectiveness, pesticide treatment assures of total bed bug extermination especially on high infestation target areas such as mattresses, night stands, chests, dressers, couches, chairs and other materials that can be of direct contact with the skin. 

  • Fumigation Process. Our treatment involves organic gas that is especially made and researched on to guarantee a safe and effective bed bug solution. Organic gas is then pumped into your homes and building rooms, ensuring that rooms are enclosed and sealed. The gas will transform the oxygen inside the controlled room that causes bed bugs and bed bug eggs that comes close with its presence to be dead.


Bed Bug Exterminator 

Armed with bed bug control and removal capabilities. Developed by years of experience that is kept up to date and backed by science and proper best bug formulation. Sacramento bed bug exterminators are well-equipped to assess your bed bug problem and provide you of a strategic procedure to get rid of your home pest and guarantee a maximum protection. 

Since we want you to prevent greater damage of bed bugs, if not controlled ahead of time, our bed bugs exterminators does not only provide you of the best quality procedure solution for your bed bugs problem, but also a detection service for free! But if bed bugs infestation is a big probability in your home, bed bug procedure will then be administered at a low cost price too! 

Bed Bug Prevention

Here at Sacramento, we want our clients to always get ahead of bed bugs infestation in their homes and facilities. For an effective bed bug prevention, it is always recommended to conduct a bed bug inspection and detection service that is totally for free. 

With the absence of suspicion of possible bed bug infestation, we have for you quality tips that will surely discourage bed bugs to come right at you. 

  1. First, for a safe and clean home, always make sure to change dirty beddings, linens, curtains and clothes into clean fresher ones. To totally remove dirt, wash them with hot water and dry them with the highest dryer setting. This heat treatment, that we also use, is proven effective to get rid of unwanted dirt. 
  2. After washing them, to enclose clean sheets in a tightly secured and clean cabinet or storage. Zippered covers are highly recommended.
  3. Vacuum your bed, sofa and any furniture that is usually in contact with the skin frequently. 
  4. If without vacuum, use a stiff brush to scrub mattress seams to remove bed bugs and bed bug eggs. They usually thrive on edges where they are not disturbed with movement. 
  5. And the most important tip, clean your house! Get rid of clutter and do not store dirty sheets, clothes and materials around your bed and your house in general.

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