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You may fear them, but Sacramento Pest Control is never afraid of eliminating these pesky pests from your homes. Trust the professionals and never regret a day in your life.

With our pest control services, you can protect yourself and family from all different types of pests from cockroaches, mouse, and bees to rats! With our expertise, we want you to be our partner in making this world cleaner and safer with zero pests!

Our company is housed with the best local exterminators who can help you with your pest issues. Guaranteed that your property is in good hands. What we are proudly named for are for our fast deliverance for work and professional workers in the field of pest control and extermination.

Certified fast services, the moment you called for help, we are right away in your doorstep. We also make same day services for those who need emergency help. Expert pest control and exterminators are friendly and will treat your home with the utmost respect and clean your establishments like their own. Our trained technicians know how to spot, treat and mitigate pest problems in your homes and businesses.

Undergoing thorough inspection to make sure that the proper treatment for your pest problem is properly handled and addressed. We make it sure that our pest problem solutions made uniquely for customers with different needs are effective, safe and trusted that guarantees total elimination of pest problem. 

Pest Exterminator

Our local pest exterminators covers a wide range of pests from your homes and establishments. With guaranteed safe and effective solutions for your pest problem, your money is worth the spend with our cheap and affordable services plus the assurance of total zero pest in your household with the wide variety of pests we handle. Below are the common pests we exterminate in Sacramento Pest Control.

Rodents. These mammals are considered as one of the most diverse groups in both size and habitat from the smallest rat to the biggest rodent you can see on canals. The presence of one rodent can indicate a much bigger problem, and that means they have infested you.

Rodents can cause a person’s home or business a tremendous damage to property. With the fact also that most species of rodents carry health risks with them. We want to get rid of them too that is why we are here to help you.

Our removal process starts with a thorough inspection to identify where these rodents are housing. After locating, we then imply a comprehensive rodent control stations and non-toxic traps strategically.

These traps vary in range of cruelty depending the size of the assumed rodent. To finally finish it off, we then seal all entry points of rats and bait them onto the trap we just made. Close monitoring is then administered to fully secure rodent extermination.

Termites. Regarded widely as highly damaging pests because of its extensive damage to structures and furniture’s. If not inspected, treated and managed by qualified termite control professionals, their presence will contribute a bigger consequence by time.

Whether it is your home or business enterprise, we want you to take all whatever action solution we have at hand to protect your investment.

Our termite exterminators have two main treatment for your problem.

The baiting and monitoring system which involves strategic positioning of baits inside and below the ground surrounding the structure.

Second is the common termite service which involves the injection of liquid termite product into the soil that would eventually creat a protective barrier.

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