Termite Inspection Sacramento Area, California

Termite Inspection

Conducting termite inspection reduces the costly damage repairs of your property and gets you a heads up of future problems of infestations. Our company recommends and has been recommended by many to do annual termite inspection on properties. This assessment will provide you knowledge on all possible accessible areas where potential termite problems might occur. But our company does not limit our customers to that. We also want clients to be knowledgeable of what creatures they are battling with. As they say, in order to win you need to know your enemies. Before we proceed with termite inspection, let us know first what are the kinds or termites that possibly lives in our house. 

  1. Subterranean Termites
  • These termites are considered the most destructive termite specie in the United States. This specie lives mostly in moist secluded areas above ground of underground colonies that can gather up to 2 million members.  They protect themselves by building “mud tubes” that can be also a dual purpose for alleyway for food transport from their food source.
  1. Formosan Termites
  • Considered as the most aggressive termite specie, Formosan Termites are originated from China. Because of their aggressive nature, these termites are hard to control once they start to infest a structure or property.
  1. Dampwood Termites
  • These termite specie infest on wood with high moisture content and are larger than normal termite specie size. Commercial structures in big cities are of no threat for this specie since such structures are of low moisture content.
  1. Drywood Termites
  • Opposite with Dampwood Termites, Drywood Termites does not necessarily require moisture to function.  Unlike Subterranean and Formosan termites they do not require contact with soil. This specie establishes its colony in roof materials and dead wood supports. 
  1. Conehead Termite
  • Unlike most termites, Conehead Termites does not rely on protective tunnels or underground holes to travel. Instead they roam on the ground like ants, allowing them to multiply quickly. 

Termite Control

You have been living in your considered haven, your home, comfortably. Your business is doing well and everything is set according to your plans. But what will struck you unprecedented is the fact that somewhere around what you consider precious are tiny burglars hiding in the dark, slowly eating your property. They can be above you or below you, you better watch out! 

But no worries, run ahead to the nearest Sacramento Pest Control now! Our company will help you get ahead of these tiny and terrible pests. For better termite control, our termite control treatment has been the best in providing effective and affordable price .We always guarantee our customers the quality protection they need at a low cost! In order for us to deliver unique termite problems of our clients, we have two methods in addressing different problems, Commercial and Residential Treatments.

Termite Extermination 

As service oriented business, we always do our best to address what is the best solution for your pest problem. Thus, we provide different methods in dealing your termite control problem. 

Commercial Treatment. This treatment involves with high-rise building structures, warehouses, safe houses and any business establishments. Most commercial business owners not think too much of termite infestation considering concrete structures. However true, it is not always the case. Commercial buildings are also prone for termites despite its publicity and location. First, we highly recommend store owners/ building owners to conduct termite assessment of infrastructures annually, at least once. Since termite infestation is not apparent until seen by the naked eye. Our company undergoes thorough inspection of your premises and checks through small gaps, holes, cracks and crevices that can be a possible entryway for termites.

Afterwards, if inspectors cited a mild infestation, owners are then informed of the proper procedures they can do by their own to properly mitigate the problem while it is early and ensure them of the most effective solution to carry out. For highly infested structures, inspectors would then prescribe owners to undergo professional work to be done by our highly skilled professionals in the field of pest control.

Residential Treatment.  Our comprehensive termite inspection on residential homes takes a maximum of 1 and a half hour.

This timeframe allows us to securely inspect all nook and cranny of your house without leaving a tiny bit of termite remnant. This detailed inspection comprises of the interior and exterior areas of your home. Interior inspection includes garages, accessible attics, baseboards, walls, windows, crawl spaces, door frames and the interior of cabinets and closets. Prioritized areas also includes bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living rooms, utility rooms, and plumbing areas. These areas are considered highly moisturized due to the presence of water. While the exterior inspection covers the whole surrounding property and yard including trees, plants, landscapes, parking lot, backyards, exterior walls and eaves which undergoes close examination especially on the foundation.

After a rigorous 1 and a half hour, the inspectors will then provide you of the detailed summary of where your house can have a possible or existing infestation.  The same with commercial treatments, mild infestation is suggested to have mitigation measures while large scale infestations are recommended to avail Sacramento Pest Control services to totally assure the homeowner of zero termite household.

Termite Pest Control

With the goal of providing best quality treatment without worrying your pockets, here at Sacramento Pest Control, we do not stop only at giving you the best solution for your pest and termite infestation problem. After care service has been one of our effective ways as well to have a total zero termite in the household. This is our termite pest control. After eradicating harmful termites, we make it sure that the possibility of them coming back would not be an option. That’s why we conduct quality termite pest control as well.

The set of procedures are guidelines on how to inspect you home or property after a time of termite treatment procedure. First, you would need coveralls, a flashlight and a flathead screwdriver.  Inspectors search through mud tubes, damaged wood, termite wing piles and brittle dry walls.

These are your clues that termites are back again to invade you. But the absence of presence on the above mentioned, have joy, because you have won the fight against termites!

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